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    System Requirements

    The Oxford Learner's Dictionaries website will run on a wide range of browsers and devices. You can access the site on a desktop, laptop or your mobile device.

    All the core features of dictionary look-up will work across the full range, including the audio pronunciations. For other pages and features, you may experience some compatibility issues in Internet Explorer®, which we are trying to fix. We recommend using Chrome™ for the best experience.

    Should you have problems accessing features on the free site, which can't be solved by switching browsers, then please email Customer Support. You can do this via the Contact Us page.

    OALD Premium

    Because of the complexities of the Oxford iWriter and Oxford iSpeaker, we can only guarantee that all features will work on newer versions of internet browsers.

    These applications will run on the latest version of the following browsers, but please see the important message below about the iSpeaker recording feature:

    • Chrome™
    • Firefox®
    • Internet Explorer®
    • Safari®


    Please note that the record and playback functionality on the Oxford iSpeaker is available on the following browsers and devices:


    • Chrome™ (latest version)
    • Firefox® (latest version)

    Android™ mobile devices:

    • Firefox® (latest version)