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    Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary premium

    Improve your speaking and writing

    1. iSpeaker to develop your pronunciation and speaking skills
    2. iWriter to plan, write and review your work
    3. For teachers: videos, lesson plans and activities for use in class

    Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English

    Learn to write academic English, whatever the subject

    1. Focused on academic language with 50,000 examples
    2. Integrated with OPAL - the most important vocabulary for academic writing and speaking
    3. Academic iWriter to develop your essay skills

    Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

    Your indispensable guide to problems in English

    1. 600+ entries covering grammar and vocabulary issues
    2. Clear corpus-informed explanations and examples
    3. 80+ diagnostic tests to find out what you do and don't know

    Oxford Collocations Dictionary

    Learn more natural English

    1. 250,000 word combinations
    2. Look up a word to find out which words are used with it
    3. 75,000 examples show how collocations are used

    Das Oxford Schulw?rterbuch

    Ideal for German-speaking school students

    1. Over 30,000 words and phrases with translations
    2. Listen to British and American pronunciation of English words
    3. Improve your writing skills with the interactive iWriter

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